Poll reveals an alarming number of Trump supporters believe freeing the slaves was a bad idea


It’s not news to anyone who has been paying attention for the last several years to hear that an alarming number of Trump supporters are racists.

What you might NOT know is that many of them – upwards of 20% – would go as far as to say that they believe “freeing the slaves was a bad idea“, this according to Time Magazine.

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Voter polls, more closely studied in a report from the New York Times, from the now infamous 2016 election cycle that eventually gave us a PRESIDENT Trump discovered that high numbers of Republican voters disagreed with the executive orders that ultimately freed slaves from owners.

Not only that, but more than half of Republican voters went on record to say that they were in favor of IMMEDIATE deportation of undocumented immigrants.

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Many voters also go on record of supporting a Muslim ban.

And the repugnant opinions just keep coming: republican voters polled actually admitted being in favor of a ban that would stop gays and lesbians from even entering this country.

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The New York Times conducted a deep dive into those polls and found even more disturbing evidence that Trump found his niche in specifically preying on those beliefs and insecurities of the people who held such deep rooted social, racial, and religious prejudices.

While this data alone is disgusting enough, something else is even nore frightening.

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Data from the Pew Research Center on U.S. Politics & Policy sheds light on the fact that those very voters who elected a President so openly racist and intolerant were polled and their beliefs had changed very little.

They still show “VERY WARM” feelings for Trump.

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