Trump Says Had He Been at the Capitol on Jan 6, He ‘Would’ve Stopped the People From Doing Anything Bad’


The former president who cowered in a bunker as hundreds of activists gathered to protest the passing of George Floyd outside the White House at the end of May 2020 would like you to know that he would have stopped his supporters from breaching the Capitol on Jan. 6.

That’s right, Donald Trump told the Washington Examiner’s senior political consultant David Drucker he’d have marched right along with his supporters to the Capitol but the Secret Service said no, Insider reports.

So the guy who’s afraid of Black Lives Matter activists and others who showed up for George Floyd would have been happy to be in the crowd of Proud Boys, QAnon fanatics, and others who fully support racism, misogyny, and fully believe the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulent. You know, the fine folks who breached the Capitol and left injury and destruction in their wake.

He’s not afraid of those folks.

“I wanted to go down with the crowd,” Trump told Drucker as part of an interview for his book “In Trump’s Shadow: The Battle for 2024 And The Future of The GOP.”

Drucker’s book was published Tuesday.

“I said I was going to go down with the crowd,” Trump said. “But they wouldn’t let me go. I think if I did go down there, I would have stopped the people from doing anything bad.”

Most of us have heard by now about Trump living vicariously as the mob descended on the Capitol, per CNN, and The Washington Post reports Trump was so busy watching the goings-on that it took him a long time to call his supporters off. And even when he did speak out in a video telling his supporters to “go home,” he added, “We love you, you’re very special.”

But that’s not all. ABC News’s Jonathan Karl, in his upcoming book, reports that Trump boasted about the size of the crowd that besieged the Capitol and had to do multiple takes of the video because he kept forgetting to call off the mob.

Since Trump was so enthralled by all this, does it really seem that he’d call the rioters off? Especially since he believes the election was “stolen?”

Drucker has written that Trump told him that some in the crowd were members of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter, a stupidly prominent Right Wing conspiracy theory that has been roundly debunked. Drucker also mentioned an interview with Fox News Trump sycophant Maria Bartiromo, where the former president claimed that the insurrection was less controversial than the Black Lives Matter protests that broke out across the country in the wake of the passing of George Floyd.

Trump failed to do much of anything about the pandemic other than promoting hokey, dangerous cures. He was a gigantic embarrassment for the U.S. on the world stage and his administration was a continual source of scandal while he was in office. This is a man who cares little about anyone other than himself, and he tries to be his own greatest promoter.

So he’d somehow stop the protesters who idolized him?

Give me a break.

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