After he won the 2016 election Hillary Clinton actually called Trump to offer him her help. She remembers he was so shocked, he couldn’t speak.


In a highly anticipated and long awaited appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton divulged previously unknown details about the moments following the 2016 presidential election, particularly how “shocked” then-President-elect Trump was when she called him to offer her help in his new role.

In a recent riveting and lengthy interview on the shock jock’s popular morning radio show, Clinton said that she had been completely devastated, surprised, and disheartened by the alarming results of her race for the White House in 2016.

As a refresher, she reminded listeners that despite winning the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, she still lost the electoral college vote.

Clinton said,

“Obviously I was crushed. I was disappointed, and I was really surprised… Because I couldn’t figure out what had happened.”

Hillary Clinton, speaking about the 2016 election

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Clinton said, however, that in spite of those feelings “on that terrible night, ” that she reached out to Trump and offered him her help to his administration. She said, “Look, I hope he’s going to be a better president than I think he will be… I’m worried about it, but I’m going to do everything I can, as I told him.”

Clinton said of the call, “I said, ‘Look, Donald, I want you to be a good president. I will do whatever I can to help you.’”

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According to Clinton, Trump was completely stunned.

The former Secretary of State said,

“He was so shocked. He could barely talk… He was more shocked than me, I think.”

Hillary Clinton, on Trump’s reaction to her offer to help

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Of course, Trump made an almost daily habit of blasting Clinton and former President Barack Obama throughout his entire presidency, usually attacking any policies attributed to them and instigating wild conspiracy theories about the two of them.

Even as recently as October, Trump tried to taunt Clinton into entering the 2020 presidential race so she could, in his words, “steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren.”

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During that display, Trump tweeted, “Only one condition… The Crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors including how & why she deleted 33,000 Emails AFTER getting ‘C’ Subpoena!”

Clinton, normally trying to stay above the fray, replied to his tweet with one simple line: “Don’t tempt me. Do your job.”

Stern’s interview with Clinton covered everything from her upbringing, her early career, how she met Bill, and her time as Secretary of State.

Click to see Clinton recount Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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