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Gwyneth Paltrow is currently shilling hard for her new Netflix series, Sex, Love & goop. The docu-series follows real-life couples exploring sex therapy, BDSM, toys, intimacy, etc. Gwyneth is not part of one of the couples, nor is she the self-styled sex therapist, although I think she conducts some of the interviews, probably enough to roll her eyes and claim that she invented reverse cowgirl. Speaking of, Gwyneth is the second cover of this week’s issue of People Magazine. That’s right, Prince William gave People an exclusive interview and photos and everything, and they still devoted a second cover to Gwyneth. LMAO. Some highlights from Gwyneth’s People interview:

She still struggles with body image at the age of 49: “Unfortunately, we’re always looking at ourselves with a critical eye. I would love to get to a place where I don’t do that anymore. I want to show up for myself in a more loving way, because it’s all going south from here! There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Her body changed after she had her first child. “I was just coming out of my 20s when you’re in that sexy, young girl phase. And then you’re like, ‘Well, how do I reconcile who I am now with that?’ For me, it was really about giving myself time to be a mother, and letting my body dictate where it was going.”

She had to realize that she still had unrealistic expectations: “We have all these expectations. Some women feel when they have kids that they don’t feel sexual because their body isn’t back yet. But it’s like, ‘Who said our bodies have to look a certain way?’ It’s hard as you age and change. But it’s about bringing a wider spectrum of acceptance. For me, as I go through the aging process and really start it, I realize it’s less about, ‘Oh, I have this wrinkle, am I going to fix it or not?’ and more, ‘Do I feel vibrant?’”

Where her focus is now: “I am focusing more on the fundamentals of wellness, like meditation, hydration, nutrient-dense foods and not having tons of alcohol, which I had way too much of during the pandemic!”

She wouldn’t go back: “I would never want to go back to my 20s, or even my 30s for that matter. I know myself, I like myself and I am so grateful for the wisdom that comes with age.”

[From People]

She wouldn’t go back to her 20s or 30s? Bullsh-t. Come on. Now, I would prefer to go back to 21-22 years old with the mind and wisdom I have now. I could f–king rule the world if that happened. I don’t doubt that Gwyneth really went through a tough time with how she saw herself and her body image post-pregnancy. She’s rewriting that time too, which is something we all do, but it’s even crazier considering that she was Goop-blogging about her endless juice cleanses, fad diets and Tracy Anderson workouts. Tracy Anderson, who publicly trashed Gwyneth’s post-pregnancy body in interviews. I still remember. So, I feel sorry for Gwyneth that she still struggles with body image, but we kind of knew that already because of 15 years of well-documented disordered eating, disordered fitness, fatphobia and, oh right, Gwyneth built an entire business out of telling rich white women that they need to lose weight.

Tracy Anderson Method Pregnancy Project

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, cover courtesy of People.

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