Cliff Bentz Mentions Illegal Immigrants Wearing ‘Big Bulky Coats’ with AK-47s Underneath Them


A Republican House member on Thursday relayed a baseless claim that there are illegal immigrants who’ve been wearing “big bulky coats” with AK-47s underneath them.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Attorney General Merrick Garland, Rep. Cliff Bentz (R-OR) said, “In just one of my counties, I have 36 counties, $13.5 billion, Mr. Attorney General, on the backs of people, human beings brought over the border and probably forced under servitude to pay back the cartels for their immigration.”

“I want to mention that the creation of this situation doesn’t just harm those folks brought across the border. It harms the community,” continued Bentz. “We’ve had people come in and tell us about going shopping down to local supermarkets and seeing folks wearing big bulky coats and underneath those coats they can see AK-47s.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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