Elizabeth Shultz Son Complains About Woke Video to Fox News


Lawrence Jones reported from a Leesburg, Virginia diner Thursday morning, and broke major news when he came across a student who revealed — live on camera — that he felt “attacked” by what he termed “woke teachers” who showed him videos that he felt were degrading.

At issue is an ongoing battle over school curriculum, particularly in a tightening Virginia gubernatorial race between Terry McAullife and Glenn Youngkin. The issue of “critical race theory” being taught in schools has led to passionate school board protests and even threats of violence that has led to Attorney General Merrick Garland to intervene with a directive towards parents who may cross over their first amendment rights into violent behavior or threats therein.

In what is a remarkable coincidence, the student in question, William Shultz, is the son of Elizabeth Shultz, who is a former school board member in Fairfax County, a GOP activist, has appeared on Fox News before to explain an op-ed she wrote complaining about critical race theory being taught in our schools.

On October 17tth she took part in a protest outside the Department of Justice and chanted “stop peddling porn.” Leesburg is roughly a half-hour from Fairfax county, so this diner is almost certainly her local spot.

As Jones approached their table, he said to Ms. Shultz “You’re no stranger to Fox & Friends,” before asking her about the T-shirt she was wearing that read “parents are not domestic terrorists.” He then acted as if he didn’t know the origins of that phrase, and asked, “Where does that come from?”

After she offered predictable political pablum about public education and the role that parents should play in curriculum, Jones moved to her son William, noting that he had been pulled from a public school by his mom, and asked him to explain what the climate is like on campus.

We wore masks for a long time. We were out of school and I had some woke teachers showing me woke videos and it was horrible” Jones followed with “What were those videos like?” “It was degrading to watch, William replied.

“Did you feel attacked by those videos?” Jones pressed, to which Shultz bravely replied, “in some sense, yes.” The camera did not capture any other diners in that moment, but one can only assume there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

It is not clear how a video can attack an individual. What is clear from this video is that the derisive term “snowflake” to condemn the fragility of young egos can be equally applied to individuals on all sides of the political spectrum.

At no time in the segment did Jones disclose that Elizbeth Shultz is a political activist and so Fox & Friends viewers were likely left with the impression that she and her son’s reaction is just standard fare for Virginia diners. And maybe it is.

But using a political plant in such a setting, without full disclosure? It is at best misleading, and perhaps more accurately defined as duplicitous.

Watch above via Fox News.

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