Marjorie Taylor Greene Screams at Liz Cheney on House Floor, Cheney Screams Back: ‘Jewish Space Lasers!’


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An event on Capitol Hill today provided all the evidence one needs that the MAGAs are determined to allow the American empire to crumble at lightning speed (as compared to Rome). True, there were signs as far back as 2000, but – really, it took the MAGAs to cement this nation’s direction and stand in the way of ever turning it around.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene, a Q-Anon woman who wanted the worst of the worst to happen to Nancy Pelosi, and a woman who beat out a perfectly radical conservative neurosurgeon, might be the ultimate MAGA flag bearer and symbol, representing what rational people are up against.

Thousands upon thousands of MAGAs descended upon our Capital on January 6th intending to interrupt the vote that would seal Joe Biden’s inauguration in an election that had already been won, challenged, verified, and certified. In fact, they did interrupt the proceedings, just not long enough. But they came close enough to destroying democracy that those wanting to preserve democracy (primarily Democrats) want it investigated because that’s what adults do.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene doesn’t want the matter investigated, speaking volumes, and prefers to focus upon what she believes to be a “Black American” problem, the riots of 2020.

A showdown occurred between Liz Cheney, fighting to get a vote to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing a subpoena in that very investigation and Marj, fighting for Bannon’s right to ignore Congress, because who gives a fck anyway, right? There are black people to investigate! A riot at the Capitol by white people is nothing compared to… never mind.

According to Mediaite:

Cheney, vice chair of the January 6 select committee, argued before the vote the committee needs to look into what Bannon knew before the riots at the Capitol.

As the vote was underway, Greene shouted at Cheney and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) about why they’re investigating the insurrection but not riots at Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

“Why don’t you guys investigate something that matters for the people?” Greene asked.

Hold up. This is precisely part of the problem, right here. Marj never ventures out beyond the MAGA eco-system/cult. She doesn’t realize that perhaps 60-70% of this country absolutely wants answers as to what happened on January 6th.

As for “protests last summer”? Given the fact that there is already evidence that Boogaloo Bois participated in the destruction and given the fact that there was no centralized planning but local vi0lence (that has been overplayed), we assume that the events of the summer of 2020 have been investigated by local law enforcement, including the local FBI and arrests made. Moreover, in the summer of 2020, the Republicans were in control of the White House and the Senate. If they wanted an investigation, they were free to initiate one. They did not. This is nothing but a distraction and all too sick, “But Black people!”

Cheney shot back by invoking “Jewish space lasers.”

“I never said that, Liz,” Greene remarked.

If Marj didn’t “say it,” she might just have “liked it” on Facebook. A “like” on Facebook is “support,” which is about all one needs to pin it on her. It was all McCarthy needed with respect to Pelosi, a “like” as to what should be done.

And so this is where we stand. One woman, Liz Cheney, who under the actual definition is far more conservative than Marjorie Taylor-Greene, is interrupted in her argument by a woman who doesn’t think that a “protest” that interrupted Congress in session is worth even investigating.

We all know why she and the rest of the Republicans are terrified of the truth, we feel it in our gut, even if we cannot prove the entirety of it with evidence, yet. But getting Bannon in is a start and the fact that Marj doesn’t want to hear what Bannon has to say actually “says” volumes.

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