Hackers Post Photo of Defecating Pig, ‘Stop the Squeal’


We knew, we knew, we knew, we knew. There was no conceivable way that Trump could introduce and run a social media company. This morning we reported on not one, but two major investors pulling out of the investment the moment they heard Trump was involved.

Do not ask us how one invests in a major corporation without knowing who the major executives might be. We noted that Trump had never done this (as far as we know), solicit market capitalization to form a company. We suspect he lacks the money to do anything but try to raise shareholder money.

Confession time. We aren’t sure which site was hacked, it looks for all the world like his new social media site “Truth,” the one aforementioned above. We do know that it was Donald Trump’s page that was hacked, and it was not a minor hack. Be prepared and anyone who is eating be forewarned, you might want to view this later.

Trump’s “Truth page” (? We presume) was hacked with a picture of a pig defecating, or that’s the story on Twitter:

Tweet our reply? What sort of reply could one possibly conjure inside a normal brain?

As you might imagine, the net had a lot of fun with this. First, we need to reconfirm that this is real because it seems too good to be true:

Okay, so we have verification, and it took, what – two and a half days after the announcement? As we said during the announcement, the only way that one can go up against established social media companies is to start with a massive amount of cash – we mean massive – and executives from the companies themselves with ideas for the next generation social media platforms. Trump created a social media platform circa 2005.

More reaction:

This is going to continue to chip away at the mystique. He becomes less cult and more human with every disaster.

We suspect that is enough, though it is absolutely hilarious.


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