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I’m going back and forth about what the official palace messaging really is these days. Is the messaging chaotic on purpose, as a way to distract from larger questions about cover-ups and palace lies? Or is the whole operation rotten and dysfunctional, and the result is a decentralized power structure with competing agendas and incompetence at every level? You decide. The Queen was hospitalized last week, and the shambolic courtiers tried and failed to cover it up. People were worried about the severity of the Queen’s condition, and yet the younger royals (William, Kate, Beatrice and Eugenie) were all out and about post-hospitalization, traveling and whatnot, so it can’t be too serious, right? Well, there are many updates about what happens next.

More work for the other royals: Prince Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton are among the senior royals preparing to take on the queen’s duties as she recuperates following her recent hospital stay, the Mirror reports.

The Queen is knackered: “She is knackered,” a source close to the queen tells the Sunday Times. Since she got back from her summer holiday in Balmoral she’s carried out 19 engagements. “It has been too much,” a courtier told the Times, but the desire to pack the diary was the queen’s. “There is very much a desire to get out there, to get back to normal, back to business,” aides told the Times. The queen is still “razor sharp,” those close to her insist.

The Queen doesn’t want to be alone: In private, the queen has had “a constant flow of lunches and dinners with family and friends, because the queen does not want to dine alone,” sources told the Times. She likes to watch TV with former nanny Mabel Anderson, who looked after the queen’s children. A source says the women are “very cozy.” However, the queen reportedly loves late night TV, particularly at weekends.

The purge: As well as family help, palace officials are, says the Mail, “purging” the queen’s diary of engagements, “drawing up a ‘core’ list of key events that the queen will prioritize in the next 12 months, including the Platinum Jubilee to celebrate her 70-year reign in June.”

Will the Cambridges move to Windsor? Charles spent time at Windsor Castle earlier this week, but rumors that William and Kate will move there are “speculation” the palace told the Mirror.

The Queen is seeing family: Princess Anne already stepped in for her mom, handing out awards at one ceremony this week. The queen is reportedly seeing “family who live nearby.” This may include youngest son Prince Edward and his family, and Prince Andrew.

The climate change summit: The queen is still reportedly planning to attend the UN climate change summit COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 1, although the Mail says a final decision on this will be taken this week. One source close to the queen told the Times: “She is fine, but she needs the rest—she is saving her energy for Cop [COP26].” The queen is doing “light duties” this weekend, the Times reports. Her desire to stay busy, a royal source told the paper, is because the queen “doesn’t want to be reminded of her age in any way.”

The Queen will have company: The Telegraph adds that following last week’s health scare, Her Majesty will in future be accompanied by at least one other member of the royal family on any public engagements. The person can offer assistance or even step into her shoes if she is indisposed.

[From The Daily Beast]

The thing about the Queen having another royal with her on events from now on – that was already supposed to be happening. They said that after Philip passed away, that the Queen would not do solo events anymore. Yet they were prepared to send her to Northern Ireland for two days solo? No wonder she cancelled that trip! She should have had other people with her, people who could have covered the trip and gone in her place. People like William and Kate, who have done f–k all since last Tuesday.

I also think it’s probably exhausting for the Queen to spend so much private time with family and friends. I know that’s probably a great comfort to her, to have Angela Kelly, Mabel Anderson, Sophie Wessex, Princess Anne and all of her daughter/sister figures around, but it’s also likely emotionally draining to constantly have company.

I believe that there are no immediate plans for the Cambridges to move into Windsor Castle. You have to remember, that’s Charles’ scheme nowadays, not really William and Kate’s scheme. And besides, W&K move so slowly on that kind of stuff – they’re probably planning to eventually move into Windsor Castle, but in 2025 or something. They’re also not going to take on much of the Queen’s workload, let’s be real. They’ll do one event in place of the Queen and they’ll immediately need two weeks off.

The Royal Family thank Key Workers at Windsor Castle

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