Brian Stelter RIps Neil Cavuto, Lisa Boothe on Vaccines


CNN’s Brian Stelter called out Fox News over the contradictory vaccine commentary the network aired from Neil Cavuto and Lisa Boothe.

Cavuto returned to the Fox airwaves over the weekend for the first time since his recent Covid scare, and he implored MediaBuzz watchers to put politics aside, get inoculated against Covid, and help protect immunocompromised people like him around the country.

Hours earlier, however, Boothe appeared on Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, where she boasted about being unvaccinated and said she wouldn’t get the shot as an act of political defiance against President Joe Biden.

Stelter described Cavuto as “a man on an island” Sunday night as he noted that Cavuto’s commentary diverged from his Fox colleagues for years on vaccines and other topics. On Monday, Stelter kept this thought going on New Day as he spoke of how Cavuto has objected to the “hostile work environment” his colleagues created with their “nonsense” railing against “tyrannical vaccine mandates.”

“It’s so striking how hostile this is,” Stelter said. “Thank goodness we work in a place without the crazy daily arguments about whether to stay safe.”

After rolling footage of Boothe declaring her non-vaccinated status a “middle finger” to the Biden administration, Brianna Keilar remarked that it was also “a middle finger…to the health of other people and just caring about other human beings. Let’s not mention that though.”

“Her voice is usually much louder than the Cavutos,” Stelter said, despite the fact that he was intentionally amplifying the voice of a lowly contributor, opposed to Cavuto, who hosts an hour each day on Fox News.  “That’s always been the issue at Fox in the Trump era and beyond. The sane rational voices are the quiet ones, and the ones that are on another planet are the really loud ones.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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