Condi Rice and Other Wicked Witches


Since we’ve been gearing up for Halloween in dozens of ways for dozens of weeks as retailers once again sell us a lot of litter for our lawns, it only seems appropriate that we take note of actual witches that walk among us.

In this context I could easily mention enough names to make a substantial coven that should make us all afraid, very afraid. I could draw attention to Marjorie Taylor Green, for instance, but I don’t want to frighten the children. The same applies to Lauren Boebert and Marsha Blackburn. Nor should a sneaky witch like Kyrsten Sinema be excluded from the company of these pythonesses and sorceresses. There are other such women, too, a great many slightly less in-our-faces witches marketing their witchy spells by supporting some pretty awful warlocks, scabrous females who stand with their men in places like Texas to deny women control over their own bodies, or in places like Florida where they stand with a guy like the governor there who agrees that women shouldn’t be allowed to abort fetuses no matter what, but who is damn casual about putting actual live children at risk of early death by making it a crime to require the kids to wear masks to protect them against that very possibility. These witches and warlocks are all pro-life. Or so they say. but caution requires that we remember that witches and warlocks have never been trustworthy when it comes to telling people the truth. Hell, they’ll even consort with sinners and scoundrels like Jerry Falwell’s crooked kid, or hold up bibles to demonstrate they aren’t at all allied with the Great Satan. If that isn’t a clue, could anyone explain who but wicked witches or warlocks would willingly hang out with people like Stephen Miller or ol’ Sloppy Two-Shirts and Full-Blown Alcoholic Steve Bannon?

Tricky people, those warlocks and witches.

And these days, there are one helluva lot of them, enough so that you may not want to send the kiddies out trick-or-treating this year, especially if they’re wearing masks to protect themselves or the people who open doors to give them candy. The witches don’t approve of those masks, as mentioned, and they are known to be mean as hell, spiking the Snickers mini-bars with stuff to make the little ones sick, solely out of a sense of patriotism, of course.

For those who haven’t kept up with the lore of witches much beyond the benign way we portray them on Halloween, they used to be feared for the harm they could bring to a community by just living there. So. in those quaint old days, they didn’t wear identifying outfits, and it was rare to see them riding around cackling on broomsticks. This appears to have been yet another wily witches’ ploy to lull us into a letting down our guard. We’ve been teaching kids to associate witches with free candy, a bit of psychological warfare that tends to last well past childhood. Does anyone really fear witches anymore, or did the rebranding amount to another “big lie” intended to change the image of these once terrifying figures?

But witches kill untold numbers of people in very wicked ways, lending their malign force to all manner of bad things. Take, for instance, Condoleezza Rice, a witch who attached herself to the Bush/Cheney regime of incompetence, greed, and mass murder. Condi, as she was affectionately known to her cabal, was mostly known for: a) having graduated from Stanford, b) being the kind of black woman eager to enable entitled white men in power, like those profs who had helped her up the ladder, only more so, and c) buying lots of expensive shoes.

And so it was that Condoleezza helped launch a war against Iraq, killing more Americans and Iraqis than those pitiful few witches of Salem ever managed to harm. Condi was utterly unrepentant, and for those who claimed to be able to read wickedness in a person’s face, there were those who said it was plain as day that if “Condi” wasn’t a witch, she sure could be mistaken for one. At the very least, she clearly was not a very nice person.

(Could it be time to consider bringing back dunking stools and the trial by water?)

Condi stood by Dick Cheney’s “enhanced interrogation” policies, had nothing much to say about Abu Ghraib, and never showed a speck of regret or remorse about the variety of calamities and evils the Bush folks unleashed upon the world, a flood of wickedness that picked up again right after Obama’s two terms in office wjemTrump and many of the Bush-era neo-cons turned up once more in service to Satan, with full support of a whole lot of very dubious “Christians” and other all-around deplorable women.

It won’t be hard to find fellow witch hunters on a blogsite like this one, people who long ago figured out just which side of the angels people like Condoleezza found like-minded company. There will, however, be those who think she was just a good Christian woman sending real Christian soldiers on to war against the heathens, the barbarians, and the ungodly folk in Iraq and elsewhere.

If it helps make the point about her wickedness, however, a little research revealed something that surprised even me. Did you know that in some esoteric ancient Hebrew texts, the word Condo means “a high tower in which powerful wizards and wizardesses live,” The word Leezza means “lizard,” or “venomous reptile.” That seems to prophesize the coming of Condoleezza Rice. (One indication of the evil in the name is the double e and the double z, a pattern that often turns up as the mark of a demon on many ancient scrolls. And incidentally, in that same ancient Hebrew text that gives us the meaning of Condoleezza, we learn that the ancient word for “rice” means “opportunist,” so that just about makes the case right there.)

If, however, you still don’t believe Condi is a witch, just consider her recent activities meant to get us all to forego investigating the events of January 6th. She has emerged from behind her bubbling cauldron in the season of the witch to tell us all that we really shouldn’t waste time investigating the attempt to overturn last year’s election. We should just be looking forward, not backward, she tells us. She admits that she cried on January 6, but doesn’t make clear just what made her so unhappy that day. Could it be that she was sad because the insurrection failed, that Nancy Pelosi wasn’t found, and Mike Pence wasn’t hanged? And who but a witch would presume to speak for the “American people,” as she did when she said that we’re all more concerned about “kitchen table” issues, and not at all bothered by an attempt to nullify democracy, a concept she apparently thinks “the American people” don’t really care all that much about.

Now ain’t that a brilliant bit of insight from a woman (or a witch) who graduated with Honors from Stanford.

Could it be that she cast a spell on some of her profs? Unless, of course, they put a spell on her.


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