Home and Away spoilers: Accusations, mix-ups and blazing rows


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There’s plenty of conflict going on this week in Home and Away, as Dean (Patrick O’Connor) refuses to take his pain medication and quickly gets into arguments with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Logan (Harley Bonner) about it. The situation gets so tense that Dean eventually asks Ziggy to leave her own home…

Elsewhere, Tane (Ethan Browne) is convinced that Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is anonymously sending him roses, and confronts her about it. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) tells him he needs solid evidence before filing a police report, so Tane sets about finding just that – by going through Felicity’s bins…

Meanwhile, Justin (James Stewart) is suspicious of Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew Theo (Matt Evans) after he reluctantly reveals he had been scamming customers at his previous job – then shows up at the house mysteriously injured. However, Leah doesn’t take kindly to her partner’s concerns…

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away for the week beginning Monday October 25.

Logan and Mackenzie struggle to persuade Dean to take his medication

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Mackenzie goes to the Farmhouse to give Ziggy a break from her relentless care regime with Dean. The next day, Logan goes to see how they’re doing but discovers that Dean refuses to take his pain medication. When Logan digs deeper, he finds out that Dean previously became addicted to hospital grade painkillers – and he doesn’t want to go down that road again…

Dean asks Ziggy to leave and she departs for Coco in Queensland

As Dean continues to struggle with his recovery, he reveals to Logan and Mackenzie that he fears his relationship with Ziggy could be on the line if they start out with her caring for him. After making a difficult decision, he tells Ziggy that she has to go away for a while so he can focus on getting better – and she goes to visit Coco in Queensland until he says she can return home…

Felicity is outraged to find Tane going through her bins

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Tane is convinced that Felicity can’t get over him and has begun sending him roses. He confronts her about a box of roses which showed up at the Gym for him, but she is adamant she knows nothing about it. Cash steps in and says that Tane can’t file a police report without solid evidence. Later, Felicity is outraged to find Tane rifling through the bin next to her van, looking for proof that she’s been sending him secret gifts…

Ari is confronted with his past during a dodgy money deal

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Ari and Mia have recently made plans to buy the gym off Jasmine, but Ari is shocked when Mia comes up with the money by producing the cash from the armed robbery which landed him in jail. She is keen to sign the contract, but Ari realises he needs to do a dodgy deal with some people who can make the money legitimate. Confronted with the possibility of going back to jail, Ari is left with a dilemma. Will he take the risk to secure his future with Mia?

Justin takes Tori’s job interview in nightmare mix-up

Tori is thrilled to learn she’s through to the next round for the London job, but Christian wakes in the middle of the night to see Tori rearranging her notes repeatedly ahead of the big video call with a panel. In the morning, Christian returns from an emergency call to find Tori eating breakfast in her dressing gown. He’s confused – doesn’t the interview start soon? A flustered Tori realises she’s messed up the time difference and begins frantically getting ready, while Justin dives onto Tori’s laptop to pick up her incoming call…

Alf worries about his marriage as Martha becomes distant

Roo and Martha have been busy for weeks organising the big mental health fundraiser. They decide on a black tie event and try to come up with a name. Alf tries to join in with suggestions, but it’s clear he isn’t filled with joy as his wife and daughter are. The next morning, Marilyn comments that Alf doesn’t seem to be his usual self, and he says it’s not been easy barely seeing Martha – she’s been distant as she organises the event.

Justin and Leah on the rocks as they fight over Theo?

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Leah has been fretting over her nephew Theo after he stormed away from the house and stopped answering her calls. However, Justin says she shouldn’t be so worried – he’s 20 years old and can look after himself. The pair are on poor terms when Theo stumbles in during Tori’s job interview, covered in facial injuries. After being patched up, he says he got carjacked while sleeping in his vehicle, but Justin suspects he’s not being truthful and points this out to Leah. However, his partner is less than happy to hear his suspicions…

John is blindsided into spending a lot of money

Roo begins advertising the black-tie event, and John finds himself booking up an entire table of six. He realises he has no idea how to fill the seats, and Roo tells him he needs to let her know who will be attending with him soon. He asks Justin and Leah, but they’re unsure if they’ll go.

Next up is Ryder, who reminds him that he’s broke and in debt. Will John be able to fill the seats or will he look like a fool in front of everyone on the big night?

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