Jonathan Lemire Is Leaving AP for Politico


Jonathan Lemire announced on Morning Joe that he leaving the Associated Press for Politico, where he will be White House Bureau Chief. He has also now been named the official host of MSNBC’s Way too Early, which he has guest-hosted since Kasie Hunt left for CNN in July.

The opening segment of Monday’s Morning Joe featured Lemire telling co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough his new career path, and making a quick jibe at his new fellow Politico colleague (politician?) Sam Stein, who moved from The Daily Beast to the D.C.-based outlet in December of last year.

Lemire tweeted news of his move just after the 6 AM hour:

Lemire’s done a very good job holding down the 5 AM hour, and during some spots in August when Joe and Mika were on vacation, he revealed that he was more than capable of guest-hosting Morning Joe. 

It is not clear if this move will require Lemire to relocate his family from bucolic Brownstone Brooklyn, where Lemire can be seen regularly jogging at Brookly Bridge Park on weekends despite threats of his hordes of fans and paparazzi eager for a peak. This is clearly a great move for Lemire, who is a well-respected journalist, at a time when well-respected journalists seem to be in short supply.

Congrats to Jonathan, and watch his announcement above via MSNBC.

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