Only a real YOU fan can ace this obscure character quiz


Even Joe Goldberg has forgotten some of these people

Characters in YOU on Netflix come and go pretty quickly – mainly because they’ll end up on the wrong side of Joe Goldberg and/or Love Quinn and then it’s game over. But no matter how fleeting their appearance may be, some have a lasting effect on our minds and we will never forget their short but sweet scenes. You might say you’re obsessed with the show, but how much are you really? This obscure character quiz is about to separate the YOU super fans from the fake fans.

Do you know Beck’s friends in season one from Joe and Love’s neighbours in season three? Can you name the people who were killed by Joe Goldberg quicker than we could get to know them? How well do you remember the names and storylines belonging to people who might have only featured in the show for a few minutes in one episode?

In the quiz below you will be asked to either name some of the most obscure characters in YOU on Netflix, or identify who they were to the other characters in the show. If you’re a real fan, you’ll get at least close to full marks. It’s time for a real test of your knowledge.

Test your knowledge of YOU on Netflix in this obscure character quiz:

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