Right wing streamer confirmed as Capitol rioter after deleted footage surfaces


Los Angeles based right wing live-streamer and union dolly grip Christopher Brow (who goes by WYSIWYG TV on social media) participated in the January 6th DC insurrection/Capitol riot. Brow is a regular provocateur in the Los Angeles protest scene. He is known to follow around Black Lives Matter protests and harass demonstrators. He has admitted on multiple occasions that he attempts to bait leftist activists into physically engaging with him so that they’ll be arrested for assault.

Screenshot of Christopher Brow’s LinkedIn page.

He also admits to being a supporter of the white supremacist group known as the Proud Boys (designated as domestic terrorists by Canada). He often joins far right extremist rallies in Los Angeles, as well.

A member of the IATSE Local 80 film union, Brow works professionally in the film industry as a dolly grip. According to IMDB, he has worked on major Hollywood productions such as Spider-Man and Grey’s Anatomy.

On January 6th, Brow was on the ground at the Capitol live-streaming, but he eventually deleted the videos on all platforms. He hid unseen evidence of assaults on police officers, breaches of the U.S. Capitol, and his own trespassing.

I have obtained his deleted footage and I’m releasing it, let’s walk through some of the most severe moments in this newly uncovered January 6th footage.

The barriers come down

The Proud Boys charge in and lead the efforts to breach the Capitol fences and overrun the first line of defense at the U.S. Capitol.


Moving up to the steps of the Capitol

Insurrectionists advance beyond the lawn and approach the steps to the U.S. Capitol, which is completely under siege at this point. 


Pro-Trump insurrectionists attack police 

Here we see assaults against police, even a metal barrier being thrown directly into a crowd of officers. Police respond with mace and batons, but are unable to contain the mob.


“We just took the Capitol!”

Insurrectionists, now fully understanding their dizzying numbers, celebrate overrunning the defenses of the U.S. Capitol.  


The storming of inside the Capitol begins

The attackers break windows and doorways and enter inside of the U.S. Capitol, even as members of congress are still inside.


“It is a civil war”

Christopher Brow labels the insurrection as a civil war. As things escalate, he decides to fall back and speaks about how proud he is to have participated in the attack. He celebrates the fact that the National Guard request was rejected. 


Proud Boys meet before the attack

Before the attack even began, Brow walks in on what appears to be a meeting of Proud Boys. Brow exchanges some words with a friend of his, Proud Boy affiliate Eddie Block (who is Fresno-based, not Portland-based).

I’ve included a download link to all of the deleted live-stream. I encourage researchers and concerned citizens to review the footage for themselves. As of October 21, 2021, Christopher Brow has not been summoned for any official investigation. His friend Eddie Block (seen in the above videos) told viewers that he has been summoned by the United States Senate January 6th Committee. Considering Block and Brow’s close ties to each other and the Proud Boys, it will be interesting to see whether or not Christopher Brow shows up in these ongoing investigations as a person of interest. No matter which way you cut it, here’s what we know:

  1. Christopher Brow trespassed on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.
  2. Brow met with Proud Boys and Eddie Block on the ground moments before the attack itself began
  3. Brow admitted to participating in the insurrection and does not claim to be merely documenting during the duration of his livestream
  4. Brow deleted this livestream, seemingly in an attempt to hide his own participation in the attack, as well as hiding his incriminating videos of insurrectionists assaulting police.
  5. Brow is an admitted friend to Proud Boy affiliate Eddie Block, who was raided by the FBI and will allegedly be interviewed by the January 6th Committee.

These five points suggest that Christopher Brow can easily find himself the subject of a federal or congressional investigations for his proven and admitted role in the January 6th Capitol riot and DC insurrection.

We’ll see what happens next. 

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