Trump is ‘Attention Starved’ Because No One Cares to Read About Him Anymore


Trump is officially bringing Twitter to court in an attempt to get his account up and running again after a nine month ban. Online interest in Trump is now at an all-time low since his presidency ended. For this reason, he is attempting to recover all his social media accounts, not just Twitter. He has also filed lawsuits against Facebook, where he can not return until 2023, and Google.

The lawsuit claims are on the ground of censorship, but Trump’s true reasoning may be a little more personal than that. Since August, the amount of content focused on Donald Trump has had a steep decline, after almost 5 years of being the center of media attention. Gaining access to his infamous Twitter account might be a great way to get himself back into the limelight.

In the past few months, stories and articles about Trump have been receiving fewer and fewer clicks. He managed to gain some media notice when he endorsed Harriet Hageman, who is running against Liz Cheney. The quarrel between Cheney and Trump has been the only notable source of interest for the media about Trump since August.

From Axios:

It is estimated that interest in media coverage surrounding Trump has dropped to about half of what it was in March. This was around the time of his impeachment. Since then, attentiveness from his audience has started to steeply diminish, both from his supporters and those who opposed him. Without access to his social media, he has little say in changing that reality, which is most likely what is motivating him to take Twitter, Facebook and Google to court.

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