A celebration of Spanish culture, heritage, patriotism, and the pushback against far-left globalism


On October 9 – 10, the populist conservative party VOX held a massive event at the IFEMA fairground in Madrid, called  Viva21, with the aim of celebrating Spanish culture. “It is time to reassess the heritage we have inherited. To savor the Spanish empire of human rights. To listen to the music of our people. To honor our traditions. It is time to give ourselves a national hug and be proud to be Spanish again,” read the invitation to the event.

TheLatamPost (h/t Maria J) The aim of the VOX party led by Santiago Abascal is to present its alternative to the “threat” that it believes Spain is facing including ” separatism, Muslim migratory invasion, unsafe neighborhoods, radical feminism, Climate Change poverty and indoctrination.” On the first day, 15,000 people attended, on the second day, 20,000.

The Spanish people will soon have the opportunity to choose what future they want: Is it a Spain divided and defeated? Or a Spain standing, united and prosperous, with its own agenda? Come to the presentation of the Spain Agenda at #VIVA21 !
Up to nine giant high definition screens, four on each side plus the center of the stage, broadcast the speech of the leader, Santiago Abascal, who after a morning of hugs and smiles between activists and supporters, started with a speech in which he harangued in favor of the “irrevocable Spain” of “inalienable destiny” and praised the “Spanish empire of human rights.”  To the spectators,” executors of an imperishable stock, “he claimed, ‘ a la Trump ‘: “Let’s make our country great again.”

At the time, Vox’s rise seemed to be attributed to specific circumstances that year. June 2018 had seen Spain’s Socialists (PSOE) return to power in a parliamentary maneuver with the help of the country’s communists and separatist Catalan and Basque parties, ending seven years of PP rule seemingly besmirched by financial scandal. That fateful, informal coalition—Socialists and the Communists of Podemos/Izquierda Unida (United Left/IU) in government plus the votes of ultra nationalist Catalan and Basque parties—rules Spain to this day, pursuing a breathtakingly radical far left agenda.
In 2019, Vox would enter Spain’s national parliament, the Cortes, for the first time, winning 24 seats and 10.3% of the vote in the April general elections. And when those elections had to be repeated in November 2019, Vox surged to 15.1% of the vote and 52 seats. Because of these outcomes, the center-right rules in the regions of Andalusia and Madrid as the PP needs the votes of Vox to maintain its majority in local legislatures. In terms of votes, Vox is now Spain’s third largest political party.

On October 9th and 10th of this year, the party gathered at the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid for a more expansive reunion, named Viva21, the party’s biggest since COVID-19 assaulted the world, with the pandemic hitting Spain particularly hard in 2020.
One organizer told me that the goal of the first day of the conference was to “do something different than other political parties do, making it more of a street festival and cultural event than a political gathering.” That goal was accomplished and deeply appreciated by the thousands that day who visited tents representing Spain’s 52 provinces, eating local food, and drinking local wine and beer.
Some promoters wore traditional costumes or were garbed as paper maché processional giants (cabezudos), while others played Galician bagpipes or danced the jota of Aragon. Daytime was for families and, of course, the most heartening image here was that Vox voters often do have families, they have children—heartening in a country with one of the lowest birth rates in Europe. 
Even though day one was more fun than politics, party president Santiago Abascal spoke both days, and his brief remarks that first afternoon lauded Spain’s history, culture and unity, taking a swipe at the “lamentable” U.S. President Joe Biden and his proclamation for Indigenous Peoples’ Day (formerly Columbus Day) that attacked the Spanish enterprise in the New World.
In a reference to the 450th anniversary of Lepanto, he added that Spaniards should be proud to be heirs of those intrepid souls who stopped the Turks in the Mediterranean. 

While 800,000 illegal aliens are storming Spain’s borders, the tone-deaf European Parliament held discussions on ” New pathways for legal labor migration.” Stop spending “European taxpayers’ money on population replacement,” declared Buxadé. The EU’s new proposed legislation, which the globalist elites are celebrating, encourages more unskilled invaders to flood Spain while Spanish youth suffer from “37% unemployment.”
The video below shows the triumphant arrival of the illegal aliens into Ceuta, A Spanish enclave in North Africa. The Muslim savages proudly proclaim their status as military invaders. VOX party slams the EU-sponsored  illegal alien Muslim invasion: “Choose Civilization or Barbarism.”

If day one had a clear political undercurrent, day two was about politics front and center, presenting Vox’s political agenda and underscoring its newfound regional and international strength before an open-air audience estimated at 20,000 people.
Brief video congratulations to Vox for Viva21 played from leading conservative politicians from Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and the United States (Texas Senator Ted Cruz).
The highlight of the event was a powerful 45-minute speech by Vox president Abascal, which graphically underscored how far the party has come in three short years and the challenges that it faces – all delivered with the passion of a firebrand by one with a face of a man who could have ridden with Cortes or with the Iron Duke of Alba. 
The Spanish leader castigated the overwhelmingly left-wing Spanish press which—he predicted—would mostly ignore Viva21 (he was right).
Videos of the speeches here have English subtitles:

Praising Meloni and Ventura as future leaders of their countries, he looked forward to a growing political alliance in Southern Europe defending both national borders and shared values. Vox is not against Europe but is in favor of truly sovereign states within the framework of Europe. It will stand with others against the intolerant “European Taliban” of the Left: “We will reconstruct what they destroy and rebuild what they demolish.”
The current prime ministers of Poland and Hungary sent their taped congratulations as well. Both Portuguese parliamentarian Andre Ventura, leader of the Chega Party (good speech), and Italian leader Giorgia Meloni (a greater speech) of Fratelli d’Italia, spoke in person and were warmly received.

Vox’s October 2021 Viva21 event and Abascal’s speeches were successes on multiple levels. These are smart, relatively young politicians with a vital passion that often seems lacking in both the ruling PSOE Socialists and in Vox’s occasional allies, but now more often bitter rivals, in the PP.
Abascal’s party is not a one man (or one woman) show but has built up a team of articulate individuals—Party spokesman Espinosa and his wife Rocio Monasterio, Vox Secretary General Javier Ortega Smith, lawyer and deputy Macarena Olona, Barcelona leader and Afro-Spaniard Ignacio Garriga—able to eloquently defend themselves before a skeptical and belligerently hostile press and present a concrete disciplined vision of themselves and of the Spain they want to build.
Vox’s forging of ties in Europe and in Latin America, in the 700 million strong ‘iberosphere’ is also smart politics, building broader communities of interest in the defense of liberty and sovereignty and against communism and its ilk in Latin America and Iberia.

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