Biden Won’t Be Hosting Halloween at the WH and Conservatives are Already Complaining


President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will not be hosting a traditional White House Halloween event this year. Work plans that include a G20 summit and a UN climate summit will be taking the First Family to Italy and Scotland over the holiday.

Of course, Joe Biden could be on the moon finding a cure for cancer and Republicans would complain. I think we all agree that Halloween is an important holiday for kids. But if you think handing out bite-size Snickers takes priority over, say, trying to ensure Florida isn’t swallowed by seawater, you just might be a member of the petulant GOP.

A spokesman for the First Lady tweeted the announcement on Wednesday:

The spokesman told news outlets that the decision not to hold an event was based entirely on the international travel plans and had nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic. The Trumps famously did hold Halloween events last year after they personally had recovered from COVID. The Bidens have been fortunate enough not to contract the virus in the first place, likely due to the seclusion each of them practiced during the worst months of the outbreak.

Working on a kids’ holiday? Oooh, scary.

And conservatives on Twitter are acting like giant babies:

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