Fiona Hill Explains Trump’s Incredibly Creepy Relationship With Daughter Ivanka


It’s no secret that women in many walks of life have to jump through plenty of hoops to gain status. That’s especially true in Washington, D.C. This is something Fiona Hill, a former national security official, and Russia advisor witnessed during the Trump administration. Especially, she notes, because the former president viewed women as non-entities, she told The Independent.

Dr. Hill, who grew up in the UK, provides a list of the misogynist incidents she witnessed in her new book There Is Nothing For You Here, Finding Opportunity in The 21-st Century.

She remembers one incident in particular, one in which former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and others referred to her as “the Russia bitch.”

How lovely.

“I mean there are people like Kellyanne Conway and others who had a big influence on him [Trump] because obviously, they ran his campaign and he admired her.”

But for Trump, other women he was less familiar with were little more than window dressing.

“But I think for women who he didn’t know, women who didn’t appear to be loyal, women who didn’t come from Fox News or one of the other places that he used as his litmus test for who people were, as far as they were concerned, they were non-entities,” she added. “And in my experience, I mean, he looked at most women as secretaries, members of the staff.”

He didn’t treat former Fox News host Megyn Kelly very well, however, if you remember his infamous comment about “blood coming out of her wherever” during the Republican Presidential Primary Debate. His response followed her questions about his disrespectful comments about women. So no, he wasn’t nice to all women from Fox News.

But Trump also disparaged powerful women, especially those who were foreign leaders. This includes former United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“I mean he was fairly disparaging of Theresa May after she failed to get a resounding majority,” Hill said.

He had similar remarks for Chancellor Merkel, whom he regularly criticized for welcoming Syrian refugees, even though he initially had plenty of praise for her.

“When he thought that people were winners, so for example, Chancellor Merkel really dominated the European political scene, but then she, like Theresa May. obviously had to go through various electoral tests, and when their majorities dropped, he would then treat them differently.”

I’m also of the opinion that Trump was jealous of Merkel’s intelligence. She is a quantum chemist and one can guess that the only thing Trump knows about chemistry is that when you drop Alka Seltzer in water it gets all fizzy.

And Hill adds that Trump continually believes women are fragile.

“He basically associated women with weakness,” she noted. “He was somewhat repelled by them.”

On the other hand, he really seemed to admire Queen Elizabeth II for her regality, and of course, Conway, and CIA Director Gina Haspel.

Unsurprisingly, he views his daughter Ivanka Trump as the ideal woman, Hill noted.

“The high glamour, the fact that in his view, everybody admired and adored her. He was always talking about this, so Ivanka Trump was a reflection of self,” Hill added. “Other women, he was just much less interested in, and certainly didn’t think that they had something to tell him.”

“His ideal woman was Ivanka Trump,” she said, “because he saw Ivanka Trump as his female alter ego.”

Does that mean that like dear old dad, Ivanka is a monster too?

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