LSU Fan Protects His Costa Glasses During Wild Crowd Brawl


LSU fan protects his sunglasses during crowd fight

It’s hard not to wonder what sports fans are thinking when they start brawling in the stands. Never would I have guessed “protect my expensive sunglasses” was the answer.

LSU traveled to Vaught Hemingway Stadium over the weekend to face their rival Ole Miss in The Magnolia Bowl, where the tension spilled into the crowd. While LSU took a beating on the field, losing 31-17, their fans attempted to put up a tougher fight in the stands.

In one video of the fight, an LSU fan begins to enter the ring, before bending over to pick something up. The fan quickly turned around and yelled “HOLD MY COSTAS!” with a sense of panic, attempting to express the importance of protecting his expensive sunglasses.

After passing off his shades, the LSU fan returned to action, firing off a few swings on the group of Ole Miss students (probably frat pledges) who were wearing suits, giving off some serious private school vs public school vibes.

After five straight losses to LSU, Ole Miss notched their first Magnolia Bowl win since 2015. Ole Miss moved to an impressive 6-1 on the season, while LSU infuriated their fanbase with the loss and continued down a steep demise since winning the National Championship in Jan. 2020.

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