Meghan McCain Cuts Ties With Lindsey Graham for Acting Like He’s a Member of Her Family ‘He Hasn’t Been for a Very Long Time’


Recent reports, including our own, on the presence of Ivanka Trump and her husband at John McCain’s funeral have reopened an old wound for the late Senator’s daughter, Meghan.

We recounted a passage from McCain’s new book Bad Republican, in which she called Ivanka and Jared “funeral crashers” after they unexpectedly (to her) appeared at the service. That characterization was disputed by former family friend Lindsey Graham, who insisted that the power couple was invited; he knew, after all, because he arranged it.

She was upset they were there — I understand that, and she has hard feelings but I know what happened and nobody showed up uninvited.

That’s got to be hard for Meghan to stomach — not just finding out that Graham had somehow arranged for “Javanka’s” invite with her mother Cindy (who was likely too grief-stricken to protest much), but the fact that Graham would have inserted himself like that in the first place.

After all, Graham and McCain, once great friends and allies, had their legacy changed irreparably after Graham elected to go down the path of Trump sycophancy. At one time, Graham had criticized Trump like any other reasonable person might. But once he saw that Trump was able to bully his way into getting the things Republicans had always wanted most out of legislation and even Supreme Court appointments, Graham proudly became Trump’s lap dog.

And no one will ever forget the icy relationship between McCain and Trump, who continued to berate and insult the cancer-stricken Senator even after he’d passed.

Hearing what Graham had said about both the attendance of Ivanka and Jared and about her own reaction to it, Meghan was absolutely not having it. Hours ago, she issued a tweet that should put the entire conversation to rest: Lindsey Graham knows nothing and the media shouldn’t go to him for any answers on the McCain family, ever.

Back away slowly, Senator. You have worn out your welcome and you’re lucky Meghan doesn’t spill all the dirt she undoubtedly has on you in retaliation for your arrogance.

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