Roger Stone Effusively Thanks Sean Hannity For Advising Him During Mueller Trial


Sean Hannity is one of the highest paid news hosts in the country. Hannity is also involved in Republican politics in a way that ‘journalists’ aren’t supposed to be. The Fox anchor was reprimanded by his own network for appearing on stage at a Donald Trump rally.

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And it also appears that Hannity sometimes acts as a advisor to Conservative figures. This was shown during a Tuesday interview when Roger Stone thanked the host for his good advice.

The spot began with Hannity asking Stone about his wife’s health. After giving an update, the self proclaimed dirty trickster continued:

“But Sean, let me say at the top, when we were in this two-year struggle for my freedom, when I was framed by an illegitimate, malicious prosecution, when they were squeezing me to testify falsely against the president to try to create, you know, an article of impeachment, you were one of the few conservatives who stepped forward both publicly and privately, giving me private advice, spiritual advice, going on the air, radio and television, pointing out the injustice in my case. And this is something Mrs. Stone and our family will never forget. Never.”

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The host followed, “Roger, it’s not hard to stand up for the right thing.”


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