bitchy | Angelina Jolie wore Valentino to the UK premiere of ‘The Eternals’: cute or meh?


Angelina Jolie and her Brood (minus Pax, the George Harrison of the Jolie-Pitts) went to the London premiere/screening of The Eternals last night. I love the fact that five out of six kids made this European journey with her. Considering how much time they’ve all spent in England over the years, my guess is that many of the kids have little British friends too, and they probably relish these trips to see their buds across the pond. Didn’t Maddox have a British girlfriend at some point?

At the premiere, Angelina wore a Valentino ensemble. All I can say about her London looks is The Sack Will Out!! Angelina can pretend, for a short time, to be a glamour-puss in figure-hugging Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, but the sacks will creep back in. I would imagine her new stylist (Jason Bolden) saw this sacky-Valentino on the runway and was like “yaaas, that’s for La Jolie!” Little Shiloh is wearing one of Angelina’s old Dior dresses – when Angie wore this, it was tea length. Someone upcycled it and turned it into an above-the-knee look. That actually makes me a little bit uncomfortable, the fact that they cut off a foot of fabric on a lovely Dior. But Angelina is apparently really into teaching her kids about recycling clothes and wearing vintage and all of that. Anyway, yeah, I hate this Valentino on Angelina. But the kids are cute. Knox looks like such a little badass! Zahara’s braids!

Angelina Jolie with her 5 kids at the "Eternals" UK gala screening

Angelina Jolie with her 5 kids at the "Eternals" UK gala screening

After the premiere/screening, Angelina took the kids to the afterparty. They changed their clothes and, again, the sack will out. This is just a full-on caftan. Again, the kids look cute.

'Eternals' cast attend the private members club in London

Angelina Jolie steps out in all green attending the "Eternals" premiere afterparty in London

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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