Don Jr. Can’t Help Himself and Has to Tease Hillary Clinton on Her Birthday, Again


The situation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton became quite contentious during the 2016 presidential election and there was no love lost between the two candidates even as Trump became the 45th president. And that has not changed in the years since, Nicki Swift reports. During a 2020 interview with The Atlantic, Clinton repeatedly referred to the fact that she won the popular vote and called Trump “Putin’s Puppet.”

And because Trump himself seems to switch between bombast and juvenile insults, he retweeted a tweet that called Clinton a “skank,” according to The Independent.

But Trump isn’t the only member of his family trying to attack Clinton. Donald Trump Jr. is trying to fill dear old dad’s shoes by doing things like posting a January 2020 photo of himself holding his latest gun which showed an image of Clinton behind bars below the gun’s magazine.

And while dad can no longer post on Twitter, Junior is still able to and decided to try and taunt Clinton on her birthday. He found a tweet that predicted she would become president and we all know, unfortunately, what really happened.

The reaction to Trump Jr.’s barb was divided, with Trump and Clinton’s supporters weighing in.

“This is my hero,” noted one Clinton supporter. “When I was a little girl I had a picture of her blown up on my wall,” she added, “She is what every little girls [sic] dream to be.”

“D*mn, she got more votes than Daddy,” another supporter added.

And of course, the Trump supporters also chimed in.

“She’s still alive? WTH”

I’m guessing that was a reference to her quieter social media presence in the years since she’s become a private citizen. Then there’s this person, who “can’t wait for truth social media to come out! Finally no more woke or cancel culture people!”

But it’s this Clinton supporter who offered up the perfect smackdown to Trump Jr. by copying and pasting his “Evergreen Tweet” caption to a tweet he’d posted in 2016. It read: “Dear Clintons, you know what’s deplorable? Being impeached!!! #BasketOfDeplorables.”

Junior has apparently not learned that social media has a long memory, and if you act too smug, inevitably you’ll get owned. Especially if you’re a Trump and folks are tired of you kissing up to dear old dad.

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