Funny Football Blooper in Background of Local News Live Shot


A kicker’s hilarious football fail was caught on camera in the background of an unsuspecting local reporter’s live shot.

NBC25 Michigan Sports Director Jonathan Deutsch was delivering a report on the state of play in Michigan’s Saginaw Valley Football League as the Lapeer Lightning practiced for their game against the Grand Blanc Bobcats in the background when the team’s kicker had a mishap worthy of Charlie Brown.

As Deutsch delivered his report — the Bobcats are currently undefeated and sit atop their conference in the standings — the kicker could be seen running up to make a practice kick, then ass-planting as the ball sailed out of the frame.

Deutsch tweeted raw video of the mishap, writing “This just happened during our live shot. Yes, it’s slick here at Grand Blanc.”

He also tweeted a parody silent film treatment of the mishap that was made by photojournalist Jesse Gonzales.

But this was one time that lightning definitely did not strike twice in the same place. A review of the full clip, as it aired, reveals that the kicker managed a more successful attempt moments later, as Deutsch concluded his live shot from Grand Blanc.

Alas, the outcome of the game was not a positive one for the Lightning, who could not catch themselves in a bottle and lost to the Bobcats by a score of 30 to 6, landing them in second place in the Saginaw Valley League’s Blue Conference.

Watch both attempts above via NBC 25.

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