Gubernatorial Candidate Ammon Bundy Turned Away from Charlie Kirk Event in Idaho After Finding Out that No Guns Were Allowed


The race for Governor is heating up in Idaho. Current Governor Brad Little is yet to announce his run for re-election. Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin and local activist Ed Humphreys are running, as well as Ammon Bundy, who has been told by the local GOP that he will get no support.

Bundy went to attend a “Freedom Stand” Charlie Kirk event the other night in Meridian, Idaho. The event was no guns allowed. Apparently, it was a miscommunication with the security, and Kirk nor Freedom Stand appear to be pleased with what happened. Nevertheless, Bundy would not disarm himself, so he was not allowed into the event.

“As many of you are aware, every person found constitutionally bearing arms at the Charlie Kirk FreedomStand USA event last night, October 26, 2021, was turned away. It was surprising and disappointing. It appears that FreedomStand USA did not know about the breakdown in security and publicly apologized for restricting people in their right to self defense. We are grateful that there was no need for people to defend themselves at the event. However, had there been the need, the people would have had to rely solely upon the security personnel to defend their lives. During the Boise Mall shooting just one day earlier, people hid in closets hoping that a perpetrator with a gun would not find them. They feared for their lives, praying that the door would not open. Why? Because they had no practical way to defend themselves against a shooter. Under no circumstances should we rely on any security personnel, including the police, to practically defend our own families and our lives. We must not allow ourselves to be disarmed, even at a Charlie Kirk event at Capital Church in Meridian, Idaho. We are grateful that FreedomStand USA has identified the breakdown in security and apologized. Ammon Bundy”

“Lisa and I were excited to attend the FreedomStand USA event and hear Charlie Kirk speak tonight. He has been such a stalwart supporter of liberty and the Constitution. When we got to the entrance of the church, they are wanding people and looking through their bags, turning everyone away that is armed. Did we not learn a lesson? Just yesterday at Boise Mall, a gun free zone, disarmed people were hiding in closets afraid for their lives. An undercover officer came up to me and said, “Don’t worry, we will keep you safe”. It is disappointing, at a Charlie Kirk event. Who would have thought? Lisa and I went to dinner instead.”

Freedom Stand USA addressed what happened:

“We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our FreedomStand 2021 Faith & Freedom Conference with Charlie Kirk this evening. We are grateful for all those who attended and for all those who volunteered of their time and talents to make it a wonderful event. We appreciated the talented worship team at Capital Church, our elected leaders who came out to pray over our nation and for the healing of our country, and for our many sponsors. We are also thankful for Charlie Kirk and Braeden Sorbo from Turning Point USA. We need God back into our country and for restoration and revival to take hold in our nation. On another matter, during the course of the evening, we learned that the contracted security team followed the security protocols that were requested the night before at the Nampa Civic Center for the Critical Race Theory Tour. The same security firm was contracted to support the efforts of both Turning Point USA’s events. To be clear, FreedomStand USA did not request our security team to prohibit those from Constitutionally carrying into the event, nor did we do so last year for our FreedomStand 2020 event. We will be debriefing with the various groups who supported the security efforts to understand how this transpired. The event was supported by private security, church security, and security from Turning Point USA with armed security during the event. We are grateful that we had an uneventful evening and experienced no security threats, but it is disappointing that additional protocols were taken that were not specifically requested by FreedomStand USA. We apologize for those who were prohibited from carrying into the venue as that was not our requested protocols for the evening. Thank you again for those who came out to contend for their values and for supporting FreedomStand USA. We hope you enjoyed the event.”

Stay tuned for possible updates or statements from others on this developing situation.

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