Jimmy Kimmel Torches ‘Soppy Bag of Phlegm’ Tucker Carlson


Jimmy Kimmel went after Tucker Carlson for ridiculing President Joe Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, calling the Fox News host a “soppy bag of phlegm.”

“Even though [Donald Trump] announced that we’d rounded a corner more than a year ago, and his Fox friends enthusiastically agreed, actually he infected his inner circle and vice versa with Covid,” Kimmel said on Wednesday night. “Some people like Tucker Carlson are still working hard to criticize Joe Biden for the way he’s handling this.”

Kimmel went on to play a clip from Carlson’s primetime show this week, in which the Fox News host aired a video of Biden from New Jersey on Monday, where he was to gain support for his infrastructure spending proposal.

After addressing the public, Biden briefly coughed into his hand or cleared his throat before leaving the stand. The president then proceeded to shake hands with people in the audience.

“Did you see that? Did you see what just happened?” Carlson said after playing the video. “That was a crime caught on film!”

Kimmel quickly mocked the Fox News host after playing the clip, joking, “For a minute there, I thought we were watching an episode of Cops.

“There was a crime,” he quipped. “Someone stop that maniac before he kills again.”

Kimmel then joked that things “only got ‘Tuckier’ from there,” playing a video of Carlson putting on an exaggerated cough to mock Biden.

No one from the CDC arrested Joe Biden that day. No one ever will,” Carlson said. “The people who make the rules don’t have to follow them.”

“Yeah, good one, Tuck. Where are those CDC police when you need them to arrest — What a soppy bag of phlegm he is,” Kimmel said. “You know they call women Karens? Can we call men — a male Karen — ‘Carlsons’ from now on?”

Watch above, via ABC.

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