Joe Biden’s new “Adopt an Unvetted, Undocumented Afghan Muslim Program”…what could possibly go wrong?


You have at least 55,000 mostly unskilled, uneducated, unvaccinated, potential rapists and terrorists to choose from.

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ANDMagazine (h/t Nita) There is no plan for what to do with these people. There is no one in charge. And so now Joe and the “gang that can’t shoot straight” have dreamed up what amounts to an ‘Adopt an Afghan’ program.

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One of the defining characteristics of the Biden administration is its toxic combination of arrogance and incompetence.  At the same time that Joe and his minions lecture the nation on every imaginable subject, they demonstrate abject ignorance of how to perform essentially any task.  From the border to the economy to health policy all we see is smoking ruin.
This is no less true of Joe’s plans for what to do with the 55,000 Afghans we brought out of the country in the midst of his disastrous withdrawal.
These individuals, about whom in many cases we know virtually nothing, are now housed at military bases around the country in ad hoc hastily constructed facilities. They are “guarded” by National Guardsmen in most cases. These National Guardsmen are unarmed. They enjoy no law enforcement powers of any kind.
That means these Guardsmen are largely powerless to prevent crimes and exploitation amongst the Afghans. They are also unable to stop the increasing phenomenon of what is termed euphemistically “self-resettlement.” This refers to the fact many Afghans, perhaps thousands by this point, are simply walking off the bases where they are housed and disappearing into the hinterland.
This new initiative is called the Sponsor Circle Program. Its goal is to connect Afghan evacuees with individual Americans who are willing to help the Afghans resettle.
Sponsor Circle Groups need to fundraise about $3,000 for each Afghan they want to welcome to their community.
The responsibilities of sponsors do not end there though. The official website for the program has this to say. “The United States has evacuated thousands of Afghans in need of safety. Many of these individuals are at military bases across the United States, awaiting placement in welcoming communities.”
“No matter where you are located in the United States, you can welcome a newcomer and provide them with the practical support they need to get settled by serving as a certified sponsor circle. As a sponsor circle, you and your neighbors will take on tasks like finding initial housing, stocking the pantry, connecting children to school, providing initial income support, and helping adults to find employment. This act of welcome can bring you and your neighbors closer together and provide an Afghan newcomer the opportunity to begin again.”
People interested in becoming sponsors have to complete an online class and get certified. Part of that classincludes this list of all the responsibilities that the sponsor will have to assume:
Joe and his band of incompetents shoveled tens of thousands of people onto planes in Kabul and flew them here. Some of them are brave Afghans who worked closely with our forces for years. MOST of them are frankly virtually unknown to us.
Joe has no idea what to do with these people, and so now, as usual, he expects you the American people to be the ones who shoulder the burden of cleaning up his mess. Sign up for his new program and you will now be the one who is responsible for finding housing for these Afghans, ensuring they are fed and clothed, getting them medical care, and teaching them about American society.
Keep in mind as you ponder the possibility of taking in Afghans under this program that while many of them are fine people, others are folks who probably never should have gotten a ride out of Kabul.
One Afghan man at Fort McCoy is being prosecuted for domestic abuse. He tried to smother his wife. Another at the same facility is being prosecuted for the sexual molestation of underage boys and then threatening them with violence if they reported the attacks. There have also been reports of robbery and theft. “Gender advisors” have now been deployed to military bases to help manage relations between men and women. 

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