Judge Tells 35 Year-Old Insurrectionist He Can’t Watch Fox News and Must Live With His Parents


As of right now, DC jails are bursting with insurrectionists arrested for their actions on January 6th. Many of them have yet to face trial.

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Up until this week, Thomas Sibick was one of those people. The 35 year-old New York man took part in the riots and is accused of assaulting Officer Michael Fanone. Officer Fanone’s badge was later found buried in Sibick’s back yard. Judge Amy Berman Jackson, though, has sent Sibick home until his hearing.

Sibick is not going to live on his own, however, as Judge Jackson has determined that he must live with his parents. And while he’s living with his parent, the man is not allowed to watch any political television including Fox News, Newsmax or OAN.

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The rioter’s lawyer, Stephen Brennwald, told the judge that Sibick has been radicalized by cable news. “I thought it might have been OANN or Newsmax,” he said, but it wasn’t. It was Fox News… He was literally watching Fox News and in a manic phase that day, over a period of days.”

Brennwald continued, “I’ll tell you this, we were finishing up our dinner last night and I asked, ‘How do you get along, one a Republican and a Democrat?’ And my client’s father cited Reagan and Tip O’Neill. He cited Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If you ordered them not to watch TV, he would be fine with that. He would like his son home.”

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