Lori Harvey is Releasing ‘SKN by LH’ & Reveals Why Michael B. Jordon Calls Her Turtle | WATCH


Lori Harvey / via Access Daily

*Lori Harvey is releasing SKN by LH and opened up to Access Daily’s Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover about how she keeps her skin looking fresh and how she got her boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan, onto his own skincare routine.

She also shares how timing was everything in getting together with Michael and reveals why he calls her turtle.


“Mike calls me turtle. My baby calls me turtle. Honestly, because he says I take so long to get ready. I move on turtle time!”

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“We met through mutual friends. We’ve known each other for a while and I think we kind of always had an eye on each other, but I think timing is everything and when the timing was right, we got together.”

“He just loves having a [skincare] routine now. Seeing him just like wipe his face with a wet rag in the morning…I was like, wait! I need to moisturize you. So he loves just having like a regime now.”


“As I got older, you know, I was experimenting with skincare. [I] didn’t really have a lot of knowledge about it, and I was actually using products that were making my skin worse, which led to acne and just like really bad scarring, skin irritation, so as I got older, started educating myself about skincare.”

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