The ‘Tiger King 2’ Trailer Is Here, With Joe Exotic Starring Via Phone from Prison (Watch)


Joe Exotic in Tiger King 2

*”Tiger King 2″ will arrive on Netflix November 17th, and there is now a full length trailer.

Joe Exotic will be featured phoning in from prison in the sequel, complaining about his sentence for attempting to kill Carole Baskin, and putting his spin on all that has happened since the end of the original docuseries.

Baskin, meanwhile, did not do interviews for the film, but will be referenced quite often. She has legally acquired Exotic’s zoo, and the mystery surrounding the death of her husband still hangs in the air. Based on the trailer, it appears the sequel delves into other conspiracy theories besides Baskin possibly orchestrating his demise.

Jeff Lowe is back as is Allen Glover and Tim Stark.

Check out the new Season 2 trailer below:

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