Trump Hints He’s Holding a Rally in Virginia and Republicans Do NOT Want Him Coming There


On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s Director of Communications tweeted a message that was good news for Democrats for once.

In a complete about-face, it appears that the former president will be visiting the battleground state of Virginia, where polling shows Democrat Terry McCauliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin neck-and-neck in the Governor’s race.

This may not be concrete evidence that Trump will be in the state before the election, but if he is, it could spell disaster for Youngkin. Establishment Republicans have been working hard at distancing themselves and their candidate from the Trump legacy in Virginia, where Joe Biden won by more than ten points in 2020.

Could this decision by the Trump camp have had something to do with the “coward” mockery they’ve been getting? We hope so. We reported earlier about an ad run by in Trump’s home state of Florida where the anti-Trump activists pointed out that even First Lady Jill Biden would be visiting Virginia. If anything gets Trump “triggered” the way his supporters love to goad liberals, it’s being portrayed as weak — especially as being weaker than a woman.

Democrats didn’t stop there, though. Tuesday night at McAuliffe’s pre-election rally, President Joe Biden himself tied Youngkin to Trump, speculating that the Republican candidate was “embarrassed” to be seen with the former president.

It seems that there are now two camps in the GOP. There are those who want to ride the coattails of hate flowing behind Trump, and those who would prefer that the Party hung up that coat forever.

I guess we’ll find out which side wins if Trump shows up in Virginia.

It’s fairly obvious from Twitter that Trump is not welcome in Virginia, at least not until the election is over:

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