CNN’s Victor Blackwell, Alisyn Camerota Defend Candy Corn


Halloween is this Sunday, and thus we again face the eternal question: is candy corn good or not?

Some people really hate candy corn, some people think candy corn is an “in case there’s literally no other candy available I guess it’s fine” treat, and some people (who are wrong) who think candy corn is really good actually.

The most divisive candy-related issue of our time made its way to CNN Friday, and if you think that’s an exaggeration, the network chyron informed viewers that “CANDY CORN CONTINUES TO SOW DIVISION.”

Victor Blackwell took to Instagram this week to ask people for their least favorite Halloween candies. He doesn’t particularly care for Dum-Dums.

But apparently so many people said candy corn is bad that Blackwell had to follow up and ask, “What did candy corn ever do to you?”

“I am a candy corn fan,” Blackwell said. “Why all the candy corn hate? Why do you hate America?”

Camerota told him Friday, “You caused a controversy online.”

They talked about their favorite and least favorite candies before talking out some candy corn.

“We both love candy corn,” Blackwell said.

Camerota agreed and said it’s delicious.

They ended the show eating more of the candy corn. Maybe this whole time CNN stood for Candy corN News.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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