Attorney For Jan 6 Rioter Says Her Client Has Info About the ‘Queens and Kings’ Who Organized the Siege


Attorney Heather Shaner represents several of the rioters who took part in the Capitol siege and she had a few interesting things to say to NBC News’ Haley Talbot on Friday.

Specifically, she told Talbot that one of her clients had a bit o’ dirt to spill on rally organizers to the House Committee investigating the siege on the Capitol, Raw Story reports.

During the interview, Shaner said “we want to see the queens and kings prosecuted not the pawns,” and indicated her client could provide information and this could well mean that the higher-up mucky-mucks involved might be doing stretches in jail.

In a separate report, Politico notes that Shaner has made further arrangements for another person who isn’t one of her clients to testify in front of the committee. This person apparently also has information regarding the insurrection. It’s not clear right now what this person will tell the committee, but Shaner purports this individual has information about associates of  Alex Jones, one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

During a sentencing hearing, Shaner also said that Jack Griffith, another one of her clients, would also cooperate with the committee.

Politico also noted that the committee has been interviewing and collecting documents from those who took part in planning the rally but at this point, it isn’t clear if all the depositions have been heard. Jeffrey Clark, a former top Justice Department official and key Trump-supporter was supposed to give a deposition before Congress on Friday, but this was postponed after he ditched his attorney, per Politico.

The committee was also scheduled to meet during a closed-door session with Amy and Kylie Kremer, a mother and daughter whom committee investigators believe also helped orchestrate Trump’s rally in front of the Ellipse (a park near the White House). But committee officials say those depositions have also been postponed as ongoing talks continue.

It remains to be seen how this will all play out but it’s fun to watch some of the key players break out in a sweat.

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