Bill Maher Calls Out Sean Spicer for Being a Lying Sissy, ‘You’re Afraid of Trump!’


Former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer is no stranger to lies. Not just lies, but ones he feels forced to participate in. It’s how he started his career in the White House, after all, with the ridiculous inauguration lie.

Is it a matter of loyalty or fear? That’s what late-night host Bill Maher wondered as he tried to nail down Spicer with a definitive answer on whether or not Donald Trump won the election in 2020.

That’s a pretty easy question to answer, but Republicans everywhere seem to be having difficulty facing reality. Audit after audit of the election has shown that Biden won fair and square. In some recounts, Biden has actually ended up with more votes than he had in the days following the election.

But upon the urging of Trump, his supporters have denied it at every turn.

This time it was Shady Spice’s turn to dodge questions, avoid the topic, and weave a web for Trumpers to nestle themselves comfortably into.

Maher: What about what about the election was rigged and Trump really won it?

Spicer: I think there are some serious problems with the election.

Maher: Here we go.

Spicer: When you look at Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, yes. The idea that we changed rules running up to an election in terms of how exactly it was counted, when it was counted. Do you think Pennsylvania, the law signed by a Democratic governor, in 2019, Act 77, signed by Governor Wolf so that all ballots had to be in by 8pm…

Maher: Yeah, there was a pandemic.

Maher: So he did lose the election, Trump?

Spicer: Biden’s president!

Nothing that Maher said could get Spicer to just say those three little words: Yes, Trump lost. But then, it’s not like Sean is alone in this. A ridiculous number of Republicans continue to insist that Trump “actually” won in 2020.

I wonder why Joe’s in the Oval Office, then.

Watch the exchange:

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