Dean Obeidallah Rips Tucker Klansman Carlson on Jan 6 Show


SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah ripped “Tucker Klansman” — a reference to Fox News host Tucker Carlson — over the new Fox Nation series “Patriot Purge.”

“Patriot Purge” has generated a lot of outraged buzz based on the trailer that came out this week.

Mediaite described the show, in a headline, as a “Batsh*t Special That Alleges Liberals Will Conduct ‘Patriot Purge’ and Suggests 1/6 Was a ‘False Flag’”, and Mediaite founding editor Colby Hall called for a “purge” at the network over the “dangerous” content represented in that trailer. Political and media figures like Liz Cheney, CNN’s Brianna Keilar, and MSNBC’s Joy Reid have roundly denounced the series, going so far as to call it a threat to democracy.

On Friday, the host of The Dean Obeidallah Show joined Reid on MSNBC’s The ReidOut to add his voice to the chorus with a blistering minute of commentary that similarly pulled no punches.

JOY REID: I am going to quote Ayman Mohyeldin, and he tweeted the following on Tuckum’s upcoming fake-umentary.

“Imagine if a Muslim anchor on cable promoted a documentary about 9/11, the worst terrorist attack in US history witnessed around the world, and that implied, even in the slightest, that it could have been a false flag operation. The way Tucker Carlson is doing about January 6, about the Jan. 6 insurrection.”

Can you imagine how that would play out for us, please?

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: Horrifically, I’d be in a camp somewhere if I was involved with that, I would be deported and I’m from New Jersey. They would deport me someplace else.

Look, all of this is the same. Even the defending January 6. Think about it. Joy, we’ve talked about it. January 6, the terrorist attack that it was, was a white supremacist terrorist attack. So of course, Tucker Carlson, who I call Tucker Klansman for years, is defending the attackers by doing this false flag operation.

There’s a reason why David Duke literally, literally praises Tucker Klansmen. This is worse than Al Jazeera after nine eleven. What Fox News is Fox News has become the enemy of our democracy to make a profit. This is horrible. This is going to the core of who we are as a people and the idea of defending.

But then again, Joy. In June, Tucker was talking about the FBI being involved in the attack. He has celebrated the actual terrorists who attacked our Capitol, saying they’re being persecuted. It’s because he’s defending white nationalism and white supremacy. That’s his brand. The attackers were his people.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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