Newsmax Host Says White People Have Been ‘Very, Very Good’ to Obama and He Resents It


Greg Kelly has a serious case of poutrage over the friendship between President Obama and workingman rocker Bruce Springsteen. After all, the first thing that Republicans said about Obama when he campaigned for the Oval Office was that he wasn’t “born in the USA.”

He was, of course, and the friendship is natural, if not inevitable. Obama is a moderate Democrat and Springsteen is a blue-collar liberal with the same politics.

But “journalists” like Kelly can’t get over Obama’s presidency. Their toxic views on race keep them from ever examining their own prejudices. So when someone like Obama mentions anything about race, they immediately say he’s “playing the race card.”

Calling Obama and Springsteen’s joint venture Renegades a “shame on America tour,” Greg was particularly incensed when the book version of their podcast came out this week. One anecdote from the book details Obama noting that white people loved (E-Street saxophonist) Clarence Clemons when he was on stage with Springsteen, but “if they ran into him in a bar, suddenly the n-word comes out.”

That was enough to chap Greg Kelly’s lily-white hide.

Nothing makes a white Republican dude madder than pointing out that people like them have been less than friendly, historically, to people like Barack Obama.

After a bout of name-calling and general complaining about Obama, Kelly took him to task on race:

At any moment he throws around the race card, and I’m really surprised, because quite frankly, forgive me, white people have been very very good to Barack Obama, but he seems to resent the hell out of [them]. He doesn’t seem to care too much about race except when he’s being interviewed by the fake news or it somehow serves his interest.

Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds an awful lot like Greg Kelly is saying that Black people should be more thankful when white people treat them as equals or even with the deference afforded a president.


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