Lindsey Graham Wants Trump Supporters Hunted Down, Killed, Claim Right-Wing Activists


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has been criticized by Donald Trump’s supporters for not fighting hard enough to keep the former president in office after his election loss. However, some folks in the MAGA camp are taking the rhetoric far beyond simple criticism.

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In the clip below, Stew Peters, a right-wing podcaster, speaks with former Senate candidate Lauren Witzke (R-DE), who lost to Democrat Chris Coons in the November election. Witzke is talking about the recent report that when armed insurrectionists broke into the Capitol Building, where Congress was working to confirm the electoral vote, Graham called for the sergeant-at-arms to use weapons to defend legislators.

However, descriptions by Peters and Witzke show a very different interpretation of events. Peters declares that Graham wanted “all the Trump supporters” shot, and Witzke returns with the claim that, in fact, the Senator “would like to see us dead,” adding, “They will hunt us down like dogs and kill us at the first opportunity.”

Some of those who broke into the Capitol Building were chanting “hang Mike Pence,” while others indicated they were seeking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who they thought of as a traitor to the country. Currently, the cases are trickling through court, and include charges of assault on officers as well as weapons charges. On the day of the attack, members of Congress had to be evacuated to an undisclosed location for their safety, while law enforcement fought to hold off the attackers.

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