Eternals writer on power of gay kiss as it’s ‘pulled from release’ in Gulf


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Eternals writer Kaz Firpo has spoken out about the power of the film featuring the MCU’s first ever gay kiss, explaining that he mainly wanted the moment to ring true.

The film, which has also been praised for its diverse cast, features a sweet moment between two male characters, becoming one of the first ever moments of LGBT representation in the MCU.

‘The thinking behind having this LGBT moment was just about making it honest,’ Kaz told

‘This isn’t performative, it isn’t some silly thing that we’re playing for laughs, it’s just truth. I think love is love and you’re gonna see that in this film, that there is love in many forms.

‘We really wanted to make this a love story and that’s a big part of what informed having these different families that come together and come apart and so we wanted to make sure it felt true.’

Following Kaz’s comments, it’s been reported that Eternals has been pulled from release in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney was not willing to make edits requested by local censors.

Sources suggested to the site that the decision was ‘likely made over the inclusion of a same-sex couple in the film and the MCU’s first gay superhero.’

Homosexuality is still illegal in all three countries.

The film has also been praised for its diverse cast (Picture: Getty Images)

The MCU has featured very small moments of LGBT representation previously, with Joe Russo making a cameo in Avengers: Endgame and his character referencing having been on a date with a man, and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki finally being confirmed as bisexual in the Disney+ series.

Meanwhile, Kaz is also at least partly responsible for the post-credits scene that sent the internet into meltdown before the film was even released.

What some might not know though, is there were nine that didn’t even make the cut.

‘The post-credits sequences, I can say we wrote about nine versions before we settled on what’s in the movie,’ he explained.

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‘There are some really spicy ones that always change. It’s an evolving process, every Marvel movie is constantly growing and there’s a thousand, I think 10,000 people worked on this film all over the world.

‘There’s a lot of different voices that are coming in and adding and changing and growing, so with these particularly, they tell the stories of where we want it to go next. So when you watch the movie, stick around, they’re going to tell you something about where the next direction.

‘The other nine possible versions of this ending – they just told different stories, they chose different characters, they introduced different ideas, and so a big part of it for us was, “Where do we want to go next?”

‘And when we finally figured that out, when the movie was done, that’s when we knew, “Okay, this is the way we’re going, we’re going out into the stars”‘.

Eternals boasts a completely star-studded cast, with Angelina Jolie (Thena), Gemma Chan (Sersi), Richard Madden (Ikaris), Kit Harington (Dane), Salma Hayek (Ajak) and Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo) starring.

Directed by Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao, it’s part of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The film features immortal aliens who have been secretly living on Earth for thousands of years waiting for the right moment to jump into action.

The events kick off immediately after 2019’s Avengers: Endgame when an unexpected tragedy forces the Eternals out of hiding to reunite against the Deviants.


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