Melania Speaks to Accept an Award Except Almost No One Has Any Idea What She is Saying


Jason Miciak generally writes for his own Substack Newsletter, Much Ado About Everything: By Jason Miciak,

But most Flare readers know – he has never turned down an opportunity to write about Melania Trump, who is so deserving of attention.

First, with respect to Donald Trump he has done what he does best and managed to split even the Log Cabin Republicans, the conservative group largely composed of and supportive of LGBTQ rights. The Log Cabiners went separate ways over the decision to support Trump in 2020 and broke. The remaining group broke with tradition this year, and held their annual event at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort (Because, of course, they did), rather than Washington DC.

This year’s event will… well, we will let them explain it. From the Log Cabin Republicans themselves:

 Log Cabin Republicans… announced last month that First Lady Melania Trump will be the guest of honor… she will be celebrated with the 2021 Spirit of Lincoln Award for her commitment to enhancing personal freedom, encouraging individual responsibility, and ensuring equality for all Americans.

In other news, the Nobel Prize Committee announced that the 2021 Nobel Prize for literature will be awarded to Jason Miciak, and, breaking with tradition, the traditional awarding of the prize will be moved from Stockholm to Las Vegas.

One thing we know, when we hear “ensuring equality for all” the first person that pops into everyone’s mind is Melania Trump.

Melania accepted the award with all the entitlement one would expect and, as we’ve come to expect from the former First Lady, showed her wide range by utilizing every language she speaks except English.

Video clips of Melania accepting the award are of no help, none, in determining what she is saying. This site never has, nor ever will, mock an immigrant’s accent. But it is worth pointing out that Melania has lived longer in the United States than Slovenia, and, accent or not, one would think she would have developed at least working familiarity with English in that time. She has not.

We give you a portion of Melania’s speech, in which she seems to credit herself with discovering the troubles with foster care, sickle cell disease, and something about social and emotional awareness.

It truly is impossible to tell.

It was not impossible to understand Twitter’s reaction:


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