Dave Portnoy, Tucker Carlson Attack Business Insider Report


Not only is Dave Portnoy vehemently denying the deplorable sexual misconduct allegations published by Business Insider last week, but the Barstool founder is suggesting it was all a sham to tank his stock.

“They found virtually nothing,” Portnoy said of the damning investigative report Monday night with Tucker Carlson. “There’s one incidence…I’m basically accused of going to a local cookie shop with a different girl every few days. So that is the gist of it.”

Insider published a story last Thursday, alleging the Barstool founder has invited young women to his house on social media for sex, but the encounters turned “violent and humiliating.” One woman told Insider, sex with Portnoy “felt like I was being raped.” The women whose encounters were featured in the investigative report allegedly feared coming forward because of Portnoy and his mob of loyal Barstool followers.

“They just lead you to water and want you to drink with sensationalistic headlines,” Portnoy told Carlson on Fox News. “If I read about myself not knowing me, I’d be like, ‘ooh, this is a bad guy.’ If you dig into it, there’s absolutely nothing there.”

Portnoy cited the stock price of Barstool’s parent company Penn National as a potential motive for Insider to publish what he considered a “sleazy” hit piece, despite agreeing the allegations are reprehensible.

Portnoy accused Insider of reaching out to Barstool advertisers warning them about future scandals. “It’s disgusting and it’s character assassination,” the Barstool founder said. As Portnoy explains, Insider CEO Henry Blodget has been convicted for SEC fraud and is barred from trading stocks indefinitely.

“Penn stock had their earnings the day this article dropped – the day this article dropped,” Portnoy reemphasized. “There’s 365 days in a year, it dropped the same day, the day before there was wild shorting. Basically, people betting against Penn. You can bet on a stock, against it. For some reason, tons of people bet against it the day before it dropped.

“As you mentioned, Henry Blodget was convicted for SEC fraud, he can never trade stocks the rest of his life, he stole working people’s money. That’s the CEO of the company that wrote this hit piece.”

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