‘I Cannot Watch This Enough:’ New Video Mocks Trump for Failing to Get Infrastructure Done, While Biden Delivers!


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“Infrastructure week!”

We heard; “It is infrastructure week” every single time the Trump administration found itself battling some sort of scandal, which means every other week was dedicated to infrastructure. And why not? Despite the fact that the Trump administration rarely made it to Tuesday morning, it might have been the sole issue that both sides agreed needed to be addressed. Obviously, it never got done.

Why not?


The United States needed to invest in its own infrastructure and one need not have traveled the globe to know it. All one had to do was drive across the border into Canada, back when that was possible. One would go from a light gray, shoulder chipped highway with fading yellow lane markers and old signs to… a solid black road smooth as the kitchen floor highway, with huge shoulders, immaculate paint, new signs… you know, “infrastructure.” It results in less wear on the cars and less product damaged on route.

But just because both parties agreed that driving into Canada (or flying into Europe or Asia) was embarrassing (to say nothing about tragic bridge collapses), doesn’t mean that all one needs to do is get everyone in a room, and bam! Infrastructure is done!

No. First, one has to have a plan, which might be why Trump never made it past Tuesday. One has to decide how much investment is needed, how to prioritize what, find those issues on which more people agree than disagree, and then, perhaps most importantly, know when to stop and sign what you have!

The perfect cannot be the enemy of the very good.

That takes an experienced hand. It takes someone who has served in both Congress and the White House for forty years. Because even though Congress “passes the laws” and the House (technically) takes up the money issues first, it really gets down to the one guy whose signature has to go on the bottom.

Perhaps that’s why the guy with the more than ample bottom had a lot of weeks, a lot of talk about being a builder, never built an agreement. To his shame, Trump did build a lot of “weeks,” which served to remind people that this was a huge problem.

We have the perfect video, a mix of the Trump tumble, and Biden bounce. The infrastructure PLAN (fck “week”) was formed and got done. It is now time to get to work.

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