Snowflake Trump Says Conservatives Should Boycott All Companies That Don’t Follow Their Principles


On Monday night, Donald Trump gave a speech at a Republican fundraiser, and as usual it had a lot of extreme and illogical points to unpack. One of the biggest things he emphasized was a call for all conservatives to boycott companies that do not support Republican politics and principles.

His call to boycott companies that do not have “conservative principles” was both outrageous and poorly thought out.

According to him, when Republicans stop going to these companies, it will force them to change their policies. It’s only safe to assume that Trump followers will be eagerly awaiting the list of companies to boycott, since he was not more specific in his speech.

His speech was also layered by many other requests. At one point, he peppered in that republicans should push for “the Interior Department to build the National Garden of American Heroes that I announced.” Other topics his speech consisted of included pushing his big lie about election fraud and slamming Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill.

The video put out by Trump’s team from the night is well worth watching. The best part of the video is the music in the background, which is supposed to be patriotic but is hilariously out of place. It includes a little less than two minutes of his speech, which should definitely be heard for itself and not just read about.

Between verbally slamming a freshman GOP member who helped Biden pass a bill and his vague call for boycotts on any company with liberal ideals, the speech may be on the top of the list for Trump rants. It is truly amazing that he is still invited to talk at these conventions, and even more so it is puzzling how many members of the audience hang on in rapture to every word.

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