Trump Staffer Tells Will Steakin ‘We Killed Herman Cain’


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While Donald Trump has maintained that Herman Cain did not contract Covid-19 at a Trump rally in Tulsa last summer, some of his campaign staffers are not so sure.

In an excerpt from Jonathan Karl’s upcoming book — Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show — published in Vanity Fair Thursday, the ABC News chief White House correspondent reported that many of the president’s campaign staffers blamed themselves for Cain’s death.

Cain was hospitalized with Covid-19 just 10 days after attending Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Several photos showed that he did not wear a mask while at the crowded event. Those around him seemed to forgo masks as well:

According to Karl’s book, the Trump campaign flew in Cain and other members of Black Voices for Trump to attend the Tulsa rally, which he held to help boost his low approval ratings amid the pandemic.

The large rally was held indoors despite warnings from local health officials, who predicted it could turn into a super-spreader event.

News later broke that six Trump staffers had tested positive for the virus, though Karl reported in his book that the real number was actually eight.

“We were all trying to figure out who’s testing positive, because we were all thinking, ‘Oh, shit. Was I near that person last night?’” one senior staffer told ABC News reporter Will Steakin shortly after the rally.

Cain caught Covid-19 nine days after the event, and while it remains unknown where he contracted the virus, one senior Trump campaign staffer told Steakin the rally was to blame.

“We killed Herman Cain,” they told Steakin, according to Karl’s book.

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