bitchy | Alice Evans refers to Ioan Gruffudd’s girlfriend as ‘stealer of my husband’


Here we are, at yet another episode of Alice Evans Has Lost the Plot. Alice Evans is still extremely online about Ioan Gruffudd leaving her, filing for divorce and moving on with a younger woman named Bianca Wallace. Even by Alice’s own muddled timeline, Ioan was deeply unhappy and trying to leave Alice last year during the pandemic. He didn’t come home one day in January of this year and, out of the blue, tell her he wanted a divorce. She knew he was unhappy and done with the marriage for months beforehand. For most of this year, she’s been focused on how Ioan has destroyed her life and her children’s lives. Then he became Instagram Official with Bianca, and now most of Alice’s ire is being directed at Bianca. As it turns out – who knows – Bianca was “liking” Instagram pics of Ioan on Alice’s IG for years. And then Alice wrote this on her IG earlier this morning:

Hey Bianca Mae Wallace, stealer of my husband, ruined of the life I’d worked so hard to achieve and also person who makes my kid cry -aperson I will never forget ever.

Anyway somebody alerted me tonight that whenever I posted a relatively cute pic of myself on ivstagram, within about 19 minutes emergered a sock account pretending to be on ‘Biava’s side { although how one could be on the side side if a total bitch who manifested a father away from two lyrics girls who ducking ADORED him then I do not know, except to say that this person is completely devoid of human empathy.

Good luck, Ioan.

And oh, let’s see what this pic brings out. I was tempted to out a picture of Bianca next to one of mine ( after all the ‘youre 50! Give up! You’re so fat!).

But I didn’t. Because that’s not my way.

How do you like THIS one, BB?

[From Alice’s Instagram]

How has Alice’s divorce lawyer not dumped her by now? This is so bad. This energy is so toxic. As many have said, whatever sympathy Alice and her situation may have engendered is being destroyed. I’m also confused by why she’s now following Bianca’s Instagram, and why she’s doing these deeper dives on what posts Bianca was liking in 2018.

ioan gruff bianca

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