Mike Lindell Interviews “Our Real President” Donald Trump, Who Blames Mike Pence & Mitch McConnell For Election Loss


Mike Lindell has spent the year since Donald Trump lost his bid for re-election spreading conspiracy theories about the outcome. He insists that Donald Trump actually won, and is the real President of the United States, and routinely asserts that the Supreme Court will accept his ‘evidence’ (though he hasn’t produced any) any day now, and restore Trump to the presidency (though there’s no provision in U.S. law for such an action).

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The entire conversation is below, via Frank Speech, Lindell’s website where he shares media related to his conspiracy theories and promotes his MyPillow merchandise.

Some of the most notable takeaways from the interview are his introduction of Trump as “our real President,” and his proposal to melt down voting machines and turn them into prison bars. Trump encourages him, saying it’s a very good idea.

Trump takes the opportunity to assert that 78% of the Republican Party believes that the election was “rigged and stolen,” and affirms that they’re right (again, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary), for which he blames Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell.

“I hope the Republicans get thought. Mitch McConnell’s a disaster. The guy’s a disaster, the old crow. He should have never approved that, he should have never allowed — and it was very sad when Mike Pence gave those votes over.”

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Mike Pence was very clear on the fact that he did not, as Vice President, have the power to overturn the election, despite Trump’s claims otherwise, and he has been the subject of MAGA ire for his role in confirming the electoral vote.

Trump assures viewers that “we only need” a few states to change their outcome in order for him to win — a misleading claim at best, since the election is over, the votes have been counted, and it has been clearly affirmed that he lost.

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