Trump Allies Snuck into an Italian Prison Trying to Find Proof the Election Was Stolen


It truly doesn’t get much weirder than this. Of course, by this point, just days prior to January 6th, the Trump administration needed something, anything, to point to fraud. Still, Italian satellites somehow breaking into U.S. election software as the basis for swinging an election? We have to give them credit for their imagination.

But there are two noteworthy things people should know: One; If you are already the U.S. president, and there is a plot waged out of Italy to break into your election and get rid of you, and it happens – successfully, not stopped beforehand, you’ve failed as president and deserve to lose.

Two, according to the Daily Beast, Americans of some kind (there is confusion as to how high up), did in fact visit a prison in Italy to interrogate mob hackers. Luckily for us, these two interviewees knew not to get involved at all, asking for prison lawyers before even answering questions.

According to the Beast:

It is now clear that this bizarro theory was not confined to the darker corners of the QAnon conspiracy network. The power of the U.S. State Department may have been pushed into action trying to prove that this was how President Biden stole the election,

An Italian prison official and a lawyer for the alleged hacking mastermind have told The Daily Beast that two Americans gained illicit access to one of the hackers inside an Italian prison—best known for its mafioso inmates—in the dying days of Trump’s term in office in a desperate bid to chase down this insane conspiracy.

What? They really believed that if they could just get two idiots – just two, to somehow talk about U.S. elections, that would be enough “fraud” for which they could hang their hats and ask for a delay from the certification? Evidently so:

So convinced that the hackers were able to rig the satellites, Karl says Ezra Cohen, a Pentagon official at the time, asked the U.S. Embassy in Rome to deploy its defense attaché down to the southern port city of Salerno to interrogate hacker Arturo D’Elia and his partner in crime Antonio Rossi, who are serving time for hacking into an Italian military supply company.

The story is very convoluted and one should read the entire thing to gain a good understanding but the better takeaway is simple. The Trump administration was so desperate, they were willing to believe anything they were told (they knew they won) and send people to the other side of the earth to prove it, to a mob prison, no less.


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