Lara Logan Goes on Rant Against Jonah Goldberg, Steve Hayes


Fox Nation host Lara Logan went on a wild Twitter rant suggesting that Fox News contributors who left the network are following “the Goebbels/Nazi playbook.”

Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes left the cable news network in protest of Tucker Carlson’s much-criticized special about the January 6 riots.

Mediaite previously reported there were concerns within Fox News over the special, and after Goldberg and Hayes left Fox, additional reporting revealed those concerns were specifically raised by top network anchors Bret Baier and Chris Wallace directly to network management.

Logan reacted to Goldberg and Hayes’ departure Tuesday by calling them “cockroaches.”

“Tucker Carlson is a threat because he’s smarter than them & not afraid,” she tweeted.

She followed up with a lengthy thread that attacked them for trying to “take out” Mollie Hemingway. Logan was presumably reacting to a piece from Mediaite’s Colby Hall Monday highlighting how, in the last year of their tenure at Fox, both Goldberg and Hayes directly called out Hemingway on air.

“Problem is Americans recognize the tactics now & we couldn’t care less. They’re just exposing themselves & people on all sides have had enough. We won’t be deceived/terrorized any longer,” Logan said.

She elaborated in her wild thread that this is about a battle between good and evil and even saying they’re part of a group trying to “destroy this nation” by “setting the conditions for chaos… so they can be the solution – literally a leaf out of the Goebbels/Nazi playbook.”

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