Passenger Trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene at Airport Baggage Claim


Sometimes it’s nice to have an extra side of schadenfreude around for Thanksgiving in case extra company drops in, and we’re here to help. Thanks to a new story from LGBTQ Nation, we can have a heaping serving with plenty of room for seconds.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) left her broomstick in the closet of the Congressional office where she never actually does any work and flew to Atlanta commercial for a change. While she was waiting for her bags (let’s not speculate what she might have had in that bag that she couldn’t legally carry on the plane, but let’s also recall she’s really into concealed weapons in public) a fellow passenger who also happens to be a TikTok user just had to capture the moment, which has now been viewed over a million times. Marjorie Manson is the only person not wearing a mask in the video despite federal regulations requiring all passengers to be masked both on the planes and in the terminals, so essentially everywhere. She has lost over a quarter of her salary to fines over her refusal to wear a mask on the House floor in defiance of the rules. And while she panders to the unvaccinated MAGA base, every member of Congress has been vaccinated in compliance with those rules as well.

Greene pretends she’s not actually there while Eva Baker talks to her friend and traveling companion about how great it is to be a Democrat in the state of Georgia. “I just love voting in Georgia for Democrats,” the unseen Baker can be heard saying to her friend. “That way we don’t have to get the nasty COVID spread to us.” She also claimed to be “a socialist” in an attempt to get Greene to react, but since it wasn’t AOC, the congresswoman did not take the bait.


(i’m bad at confrontation) #marjorietaylorgreene #bluegeorgia #uscongress #atlairport #baggageclaim

♬ original sound – eva 🙂


Like a lot of people who go after Greene, Baker received her share of trolling, but stood up to them in a follow-up video. “You say that I shouldn’t disrespect this woman because I don’t agree with her views, but isn’t that exactly what she did when she harassed and followed a teenager who survived the Parkland school shooting and called him a coward?” Baker asks. Baker does say Greene is unvaccinated, but that’s only from Greene’s own claims.


♬ original sound – eva 🙂

Twitter users made it pretty clear whose team they were on.

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