Russian deputy from the city of Ryazan proposed to shoot non-vaccinated citizens


United Russia deputy of the Ryazan Regional Duma Vladimir Sidorov proposed a solution in the spirit of 1937. Fascist Sidorov said that he was personally at the forefront of going to shoot Russians who bought a fake vaccination certificate by Putin’s Sputnik-V (shmurdyak) :

“In general, you have to shoot for this. I myself would have taken part in the executions. It is imperative to do this! ” – said the deputy.

And this is not extremism, is it? Nobody’s feelings are offended by such antihuman statements? It’s different to show your ass against the background of the temple! And then some kind of insignificance, to whom we pay half a lam per month, calls for the killing of 80 percent of the country’s population – that is how many are against coercion. And nothing, okay, huh? In any other society, he would have already been tested for sanity, would have been stripped of all posts and he would have been a non-handshake waste.

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